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There are many things that make Austin unique and stand out. It is sought out for many things and is visited for many other things. Obviously a large draw to Austin is it’s live music which drives many conferences to it, motorcycle rallies and all sorts of various groupings. Art, I believe, is a huge factor that plays into the make up of the Austin scene. Does that make graphic design, specifically, important to the area, to the country, to the world? That’s a fat YES in my book. Many people don’t notice graphic design, even especially great graphic design. Chances are then, it’s doing it’s job.

Austin Graphic Design Frog

Graphic design is often considered unimportant because of how often it isn’t noticed. But the reason for half our actions is based on visual simulations we don’t consider we’re experiencing. And if graphic design can drive you to do something without you realizing it was the graphics that pulled you in then I would say that is great graphic design. The powerful part of graphics is the part that is unnoticed.

In reference to the photo above; this is a graffiti piece iconic to Austin. It was on the side of a building that was sold to a new owner who intended to tear down the wall to put in a door and store front. However, on the day of construction a group of protesters petitioned to keep the wall and graffiti intact because they enjoyed seeing it because it constantly brightened their day. A simple graffiti piece now considered historical art. Who knew this would have such an impact (look for it in your art history text books).

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On September 16, 2016
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