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Top 3 Marketing Pieces
Introduction · First Impression · Handshake


Usually an introduction, first impression, and handshake would all take place with two people, in this millennium interactions between a business and client can be completely digital changing the dynamics of the relationship connection completely.

Introduction - Search Engine Presence

If you haven't noticed the Internet is the gateway to the majority of businesses in America. And the way people find those businesses on the Internet is through search engines. Ergo, what search engines display when your product is searched online is going to be the first thing people see about your business. The great thing about that is the fact that you have complete control of what that is.

The blurb about your business on the search engines are made up of three pieces controlled in your meta tags' code of your website. Make sure these pieces are filled in on each page of your site with intentionality. The first part is the "Title Tag" which shows up in blue on Google and will also be revealed at the top of your browser window once someone is viewing your website. The second part is the "Description Tag". If you do not have a description tag in the code of any given web page, when your site is pulled up on a search engine random text from within you site will be pulled out and displayed here which may not be a terrible thing but it could also be a potentially bad thing. You have the ability to easily fix this. If you don't personally edit your web pages then you can ask your web designer or developer to do it. If you don't have one contact Joshua Parkhurst and we will edit the meta tags of your home page for free.

First Impression - Logo Design

Your business logo is often the first thing your customers see, and the moment an impression is made it's difficult to change that perception. Immediately a person will make several decisions or "judgments" about your business during the first few seconds of them encountering your logo. This is where your logo can make or break a potential profit without you even meeting the prospect.

A logo that accurately represents a business is only the start to being an "effective" logo. This icon will help brand your identity for the entirety of your businesses future. Being aware of how the correct shapes, letters, and colors will impact a person's perception within milliseconds of your business is crucial. Many people know that sharp angles and bright reds and oranges inspire more intense feelings including anger, aggression, and hunger (ever notice the color of Doritos bags?), but the rabbit hole goes so much deeper than that, from the fundamentals of design, balance, weight and symmetry to understanding the ability for a design to be recognizeable as well as printable on various platforms. Without the fundamentals of design you are most likely going to end up with a design that either looks like it was stolen from the 1995 gallery of ClipArt or a doodle by your 5 year old nephew (which may sound sweet but will be ineffective). Having the knowledge or a designer who understands the impact and especially the importance of these minute pieces of design is a necessity in making your logo and identity effective. You can read a great article about Do's and Don'ts of Colour from Inspiration Bit.

Bad Example                                         Good Example

Handshake - Business Card Design

Finally, the handshake can leave a lasting impression on a person. When a business card is handed out that is often the moment someone concludes a final overall decision about your business and whether they will move forward with confidence or with hesitation. A well designed business card will leave a lasting impression of security in what the business can do for them and its ability to execute what it promises. This is why a well put together business card design can bring success. A client confident in a business will change their perception of everything that business does for them. If their confidence is shaky then the slightest mistake could send them elsewhere. While someone with complete security in a business' ability to provide can allow that business to make an error or two and still have the business working with them to achieve what they know that business will provide.


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