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Austin Logo Designs are some of the most eclectic and beautiful designs ever created. Here at Parkhurst Creative Design we only create the best and most superior logo designs using strict design fundamental regulations held tight by balance, symmetry, geometric specifics and eye appeal. The Austin Logo Design process begins with excellent care in logo design research.

1. Logo Design Research.

The logo design research begins with comparing businesses or organizations in the same field and gaining an industry feel for the desired presence and communication. Taking the research finds into consideration we find how your logo might best contrast the norm and better attract the desired target audience in a clear and precise way.

Once the research is complete the shapes, general feel, and possibly the color of the logo design begins to form. These things will be collaborated to create the right logo design projection.

2. Logo Design Projection

The logo design projection is the feel that the logo gives such as, professional, fun, masculine, feminine, modern, old fashion, grungy, clean, etc.

The target market is always considered through every step of the process but at this stage it's crucial and as the logo design process continues into typography. Considering the target audience is a must when deciding on how to execute the right typography style.

3. Typography Design

Typography is the art and technique in which you make written language beautiful. In logo design it's very important. The font, the stroke width, the direction of movement is huge in deciding what message you send through your logo design. Things that can often be over looked by designers is the kerning (the spacing between letters), and the height ratio of the letters to the rest of the design.

With the research, the projection, and the typography of the logo design under way we decide whether this should be a signature logo or an image logo. A signature logo is a logo that only is letters, for example, the Samsung logo, or the Dell logo. An image logo is a logo that incorporates an iconic image. Examples of this kind of logo would include, the Apple logo, the Nike logo, and the Puma logo design. With this in mind we develop the design shape.

4. Logo Design Shape

The logo design shape helps determine the general feel of the design and builds a rememberable image that will attract and draw in your audience. In a company with intensity you will often want to use strong horizontal lines and sharp corners to develop your icon. Or in a signature logo, italic letters and rigid strokes. While a more peaceful logo design would use softer rounded strokes and bold smooth letters.

One of the most impactful pieces of a logo design is the color. The color for your logo will become associated with your brand more permanently more quickly than any other part of your logo. With that in mind the color combination selection is very key in developing something pleasant and appropriately representative. This can become difficult for some business owners to grasp because their favorite color isn't always the best color choice for your market.

5. Logo Color Selection

When developing the color combination for the logo a choice that stands out and yet attracts the right audience can often be a difficult balance. If you choose a color that is drastically different than the rest of your competitors you may choose a color that turns away your target audience, but if you choose a color specific to your market's wants then you may use the same exact colors as your closest competitors which can possibly cause brand confusion. And you don't want your customers purchasing from your competitor because they thought they were buying from you. This is where two colors can help separate a distinct logo design as well as the use of slightly "off the usual color pallet" colors, when chosen wisely.

When choosing a color, food markets often like to use warmer colors such as red, orange, and yellow because these colors invoke hunger in people who look at them, though if a food market is trying to attract an audience seeking healthy options the colors green, and white are much more suitable to pull in their target audience. Every color has a different representation to the general public in every region of the world. This is why it is key to know the customers you may be marketing to. If you are marketing in America the color blue represents trustworthiness, and loyalty. Black represents regality and professionalism. Green represents money, health, and success. The list goes on as different colors combined with others create an unlimited supply of emotion invoking representations to get your logo design to be the best it can be.

Austin logo design is often highly unique and comes with passion and artistic style. This builds the most effective as well as beautiful design a business could have. The stringent but fun design process used here offers an absolute in logo design creation. If you are in need of a logo design that will help your company grow and represent excellence then e-mail us at or call at (512) 517.9956. You can also request a quote for a logo design on our Order page. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you!