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Austin, TX Graphic Design

Austin graphic design is one of the most sought out design styles. At Parkhurst Creative Design we've perfected the art and exceded the limits of printing, web, and branding. Creating designs custom for your business, we pursue your greatest potential to stand out and excel through visual presentation. Logo design is creatively developed using intelligent graphic execution considering your businesses niche, target market, and location. Print design is establisihed with the newest techniques in visual stimulation and presentable imagery. And website design is developed through extensive consideration of your audience's interaction and response potential. Through years of education and experience wtih a wide variety of graphic design in the Austin, TX area, Parkhurst Creative Design has become the peak in graphic design.


Logo Design

Austin Graphic Design Marketing

Logo Design

Logo design is where it's at! Your branding should start with a logo and it should include these 3 things:

  • A logo design should be SIMPLE.
  • A logo design should be recognizeable.
  • A logo design should be memerable.

Ouch, I know some of you are cringing right now because your logo doesn't currently adhear to those 3 principles. Well rest easy because that is why we are hear. Call our designer, Joshua directly at 512.517.9956 (or email him at and he will design you a great logo that will become the foundation for the rest of your marketing...and we can help you with that too!




Austin, Texas Color in Logos

Austin Graphic Design Marketing

Austin, Texas Colors in Logos

Austin, Texas is a place of colors and unique colors at that. As more and more businesses are springing up, more and more logos are being needed and the dynamics that create a good logo are not something to be lost. One specific piece that is of signifcant importance is color. Don't under estimate how critical color is in a brand. Colors can strongly influence the thought process and behavior of an audience. Take for example the image above. At a brief glance it almost seems clear but after taking a second look and imagine two doors with these emblems on each and there wouldn't be a way to get into the building. The impact whether realized or not is equally if not more important when it comes to your logo design.


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Austin Logo Design

Austin Graphic Design Marketing

Austin Logo Design

Austin logo design is a unique beast that creates the best in visual design. Take a closer look at the logo design process of Austin, Texas Graphics through the perspective of the designers here at Parkhurst Take a look here...


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Austin, Texas Graphic Design Marketing

Austin Graphic Design Marketing

Austin graphic design marketing

Austin graphic design offers help in the field of marketing. What do we know about marketing? We're a graphic design company, we know everything. But that's not even important, we want to make sure you know the basics and are set up right. Our Austin, Texas Graphic Design Articles offers a Top 3 Marketing Pieces segment on how to make sure your first impression is the best. Take a look here...


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Austin, Texas Graphic Design Printing

Graphic Design Austin Print

Austin graphic design printing

I was interviewed by an Art University recently and while being presented with insightful questions about graphic design and the current design business flow I was returned with a surprising response. The questions were created in hopes of offering new college graduates aid in approaching the business design world. When asked what would be my number one suggestion to a new graphic designer my response was simple; develop relationships with other complimentery business owners. So if your a graphic designer then printing companies would be ideal relationships. I was surprised when I was told that was the first time they had receive that advice. I assumed that any graphic designer would develop close relationships with any service their clients would need or in some way benifit from. As a graphic designer, a printing company is a must, in fact I have several connections with many different printing companies. Austin offers a huge variety in printing companies and each one offers a unique niche. Having relationships with many different printers helps me provide my clients with the right solution to any printing need. In fact, printing should be the last concern of anyone trying to get a design on any medium. So almost all my clients prefer to have Parkhurst Creative Design take care of the details. After all, we are the ones who actually know the owners and employees at the printing companies on a personal level.


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Austin, Texas Graphic Designer on Austin

Graphic Design Designer on Austin

Austin Graphic Designer, Joshua Parkhurst, talks about Austin

Hey everyone, I just wanted to talk about Austin for a moment instead of going on about graphic design right now. So to start off I wanted to pull something that people continue to say are great things about Austin...aside from the amazing graphic design. Time and time again people are in love with Austin's outdoor activities. With endless bike trails, ponds, parks, lakes, and hills the outdoors people will never grow tired of the experience. But once you get into the heart of the Austin, there only expands new great things for everyone else, from the biker streets of downtown to the art museums and eclectic feel of the restraunts and shops. If you haven't experience this fantastic place, please give it a try. It's beautiful, fun and full of amazingly friendly people.


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Austin Graphic Design who?

Graphic Design Designers

Austin Graphic Design who?

I want to clear up any confusion about what is and what is Parkhurst Creative Design and their connection.

First, Parkhurst Creative Design, LLC is a company that produces high end graphic design solutions for almost any media from business cards, to t-shirt designs, to logos, and websites. Parkhurst's mission is to be a well connected creative genius with the ability to complete projects. Their vision is to be a graphics studio that makes the world look better. You can visit their company's main website at

Second, is a website owned and operated by Parkhurst Creative Design, LLC. The purpose of this site is to provide an extensive amount of work examples and reveal to their audience what they can produce for you. Over time the site has morphed into a secondary site for PCD and functions as a blog that brings relevant material to your eyes.

I hope you enjoy!


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Austin, Texas graphic design solutions.

Graphic Design Solved Problems

Austin graphic design solutions.

The past week's graphic designing was presented with a few problems for its designers. Which is great, because through problems we become better, stronger, more experienced people and workers. Problems allows us to learn things we didn't know to research. I love it! Especially when it has to do with graphic design. Last week, there were a few minor tweaks needed that could've have stopped projects cold. Fortunately, the design universe has a massive spanse.

The first problem I came across, and this is for all you graphic designers out there, was what to do when you've spent an incredible amount of time on Photoshop tracing out a bitmap image with the Path tool but what you wanted was the Shape Layers tool so you could have a vector path on a new layer. And the solution is to select your layer with your Path and go to "Layers" (on the file menu) and choose "New Fill Layer". It's that easy.

Problem number 2 came with great excitement because a good friend and brilliant entrepreneur of mine had a new business he needed to market. The unique work he does is in leather crafting, which is an amazing skill to possess. What that meant to both him and I is that a simple paper business card wasn't going to help him stand out in any crowd affiliated with the world of leather. The solution; Parkhurst Creative Design now offers leather business cards. Done. Wait, we came up with a second option as well, we can also get you a steel leather stamper for you to stamp and make your own leather business cards as well that should last beyond the lifetime of your business.

I love solving problems!


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Graphic design, what is it? Continued...

Graphic Design

Graphic design, what is it?

In my browsing of graphic design related information I stumbled across this very accurate and informative slideshow that I feel every business owner should see and every graphic designer would agree with at So please enjoy, share, and send comments to my e-mail.


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Graphic design, what is it?

Graphic Design

Graphic design, what is it?

Graphic design is defined by Webster's as the art or profession of using design elements to convey information or create an effect.

Graphic design in my definition:

Graphic design is art that functions in a productive way to help a business or individual. Graphic design is something that is pleasing to look at but only if it also functions successfully as a marketing tool as well.

And as an extension, graphic design should be a friendly designer/client relationship building experience based on achieving more business opportunity for the client through excellent creative customer service.

Graphic design, how it's accomplished.

There are many ways with many tools available from the high end computer to the elite programs to use for creating graphic design pieces, but when it comes to fulfilling graphic design's original purpose all you need is creativity and knowledge. It doesn't matter if you train with the elite equipment or Rocky style with logs and ropes. It all ends up being displayed on the same universal platforms for everyone to experience it.

At Austin Graphic we use Adobe graphic design programs, and knowledge, extensive patience, and the simple ability to attentively listen to the graphic design client. It's not a paradigm shifting concept and yet it's not a recipe followed by all. Perhaps this message will reach others like us at Austin Graphic and they will follow our lead.


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